Tennis or Golfer's Elbow Treatment

Tennis or Golfer's Elbow Treatment abroad

Tennis elbow can be defined as a type of tendinitis that leads to pain in the elbow and arm area. Tendinitis, which might be referred to as tendonitis, consists in an inflammation of a tendon, which consists in a thick inelastic cord made of white fibrous tissue that connects a bone to a muscle. Tendinitis can happen in every part of the body where a tendon is present, and the most common areas are the elbow, shoulder, base of the thumb, knee, hip, and achilles tendon. This disease can happen at every age, even though is more likely to appear after 40 years old and could interest everyone that does a continuative gripping activity, especially when using the first two fingers and thumb in a repetitive way.

The activities that help a tendon to get swollen are gardening, golf, tennis, skiing, pitching and throwing, painting etc. As a result, a person can get tennis or golfer's elbow even if he never played go Symptoms of a tendinitis include a pain that can be either mild or severe if there are calcium deposits in the area surrounding the tendon or loss of motion in one shoulder, which can be defined as frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis).

The specific tennis or golfer's elbow symptoms can be described as pain inside the elbow, especially in the bony knob where the tendon is attached to the bone, if the inflammation is getting worse, the patient might experience pain in the lower or upper arm, especially when gripping objects, opening doors, straighten the wrist or lifting something. In order to diagnose tennis or golfer's elbow, it is necessary to undergo some exams including wrist and arm flexion and some imaging tests like x ray, MRI.

Most of the times tennis elbow will heal on its own if associated with some rest to the painful area, icing the elbow area to reduce the swelling every 30 minutes every 4 hours for a couple of days until the pain is gone, use an elbow bandage to rest the tendon, anti matory drugs, and physiotherapy. However, if these treatments aren't working anymore after 4 months, surgery might be the best option. During the surgical procedure, the injured tendon is removed and the remaining part, repaired. The surgery success rate is around 85-90% and is needed in the half of tennis elbow cases.

What affects the final cost of Tennis or Golfer's Elbow Treatment?

There are many factors that can affect the costs

  • Types of Surgery performed
  • Experience of the surgeon
  • Choice of hospital & Technology
  • Rehabilitation cost after surgery
  • Insurance Coverage can affect a person's out of pocket expenses

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Hospitals for Tennis or Golfer's Elbow Treatment

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About Tennis or Golfer's Elbow Treatment

  • Pain killer and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) - These drugs are used to relieve the symptoms of tennis elbow. NSAIDS may be recommended in the form of gel, cream or tablets.
  • Steroid injection- Steroid injection is sometimes used in the treatment of tennis elbow. Steroid injection treatment may be used when other treatment does not work. The treatment provides temporary relief its effectiveness in long term is poor.
  • Shockwave therapy - High energy shock waves is a non-invasive treatment that helps ease pain and promote movement of the affected area. The treatment may not work in all cases.
  • PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections - The treatment is done by a surgeon in a hospital. The concentrated platelets repair the damaged tissues and it speeds up the healing process. The treatment may work on some people and may not in some.  Healing platelets are separated from the patient’s blood sample and is injected in the affected joints.
  • Surgery- Surgery is required when the pain is severe and persistent. The damaged part of the tendon is removed and this relieves pain.

Top 10 Hospitals for Tennis or Golfer's Elbow Treatment

Following are the best 10 hospitals for Tennis or Golfer's Elbow Treatment in the world:

# Hospital Country City Price
1 Wockhardt Hospital South Mumbai India Mumbai ---    
2 Sikarin Hospital Thailand Bangkok ---    
3 Medipol Mega University Hospital Turkey Istanbul ---    
4 MEOCLINIC Germany Berlin ---    
5 Kameda Medical Center Japan Higashicho ---    
6 AMEDS Clinic Poland Grodzisk Mazowiecki ---    
7 Fortis Hospital Anandapur India Kolkata ---    
8 Netcare Linksfield Hospital South Africa Johannesburg ---    
9 Global Hospitals India Hyderabad ---    
10 Paras Hospitals India Gurgaon ---    

Best doctors for Tennis or Golfer's Elbow Treatment

Following are the best doctors for Tennis or Golfer's Elbow Treatment in the world:

1 Dr. B. Mohapatra Orthopaedic - Spine Surgeon Apollo Hospital Mumbai
2 Dr. Hasmukh Nagwadia Orthopedecian Sikarin Hospital
3 Dr Hemant K Kalyan Orthopaedic Surgeon Cosmeticium Clinic
4 Dr Kosygan K P Orthopedecian Apollo Hospital Bangalore
5 Dr. Amit Bhargava Orthopedecian Apollo Specialty Hospital...
6 Dr. Dharmesh Khatri Orthopedecian & Joint Replacement Surgeon Primus Super Specialty Ho...
7 Dr. K. K. Mishra Orthopedecian & Joint Replacement Surgeon Primus Super Specialty Ho...
8 Dr. Bhushan Nariani Orthopedecian & Joint Replacement Surgeon BLK-MAX Super Specialty H...
9 Dr. Jayant Kumar Orthopedecian & Joint Replacement Surgeon Apollo Hospital Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions

The disease is a result of overuse of muscles attached to the elbow. Excessive use of muscles may result in muscle tear and inflammation.

If the pain in the elbow persist for few days, one must consult a doctor.

It is not much common. The disease most commonly affects people between 30 to 50.

The condition affects the part that is under greater stress or the part that is excessively used. You may also develop tennis elbow in both the arms.

Tennis elbow is the condition that affects outer part of the elbow. Golfers elbow affects the inner part of the elbow.

• Pain in the outer elbow that may radiate to the wrist • Stiffness or pain while stretching the arms • Less strength in the grip • Swelling in the elbow joints • Pain in twisting or bending the arms

Along with thorough physical examination, following tests are required to rule out tennis elbow – • Imaging tests such as ultrasound, CT (computed tomography) scan, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) • X-rays • Electromyography (EMG)

Majority of the patients with tennis elbow recover without undergoing surgery. The symptoms usually improve in a year.

One must consult orthopedic surgeon to know the best approach of treatment.

The cost of the treatment of tennis elbow is very low in India.

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