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Mozocare: Find Healthcare Abroad

In a span of four years since Started in 2016, the company has advanced in leaps and bounds. It has spiralled up in terms of team, revenue, clients and networks. Today, it has collaborated with 100+ leading hospital and has on boarded acclaimed Doctors. On the other hand, it has bestrewed its affiliates and franchises in many foreign lands which is in turn strengthened its grounds on the international realm as well.

Mozocare is primarily a curated market place for hospitals and clinic to assist patients access best medical care at affordable prices.

The platform is completely free-to-use with Offline support available in 106 languages; that seeks to connect patients searching for a medical procedure with clinics and hospitals around the world, allowing them to compare prices, facilities, and medical experts with options at home so they can make an informed decision regarding who to trust with their healthcare. You only make a payment in the hospital where you've received care.

Our Vision

We envision to become global medical platform that seeks to connect all stakeholder viz. hospitals, doctors, pharma, medical supplies, government and patients searching for a medical procedure with clinics and hospitals around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make medical care affordable and reachable for everyone.

We do this by providing a customized healthcare support as per needs.

Core Values

People first- Respect, Connect & Care

Patient focussed: Consistently delivering our commitments

Integrity: Inspiring trust & confidence

Accountability: Offering the best

Partnership: Achieving more together

Global Delivery Model

Local Support

  • Local teams allow a better understanding of local markets and challenges
  • Patient services teams in India, China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, and other locations through Hospital Network; ability to provide Multi-lingual interpretation support

Our global delivery modal allows us to provide high quality medical value services with cost saving


  • Seamless integration of global delivery teams using technology and best practices gained from existing client relationships
  • Medical travel locations spread across continents

Why Mozocare

Better Quality

We cooperate with 100+ Internationally accredited hospitals across the globe to find the best solution for you.

Quick Response Time

We get a treatment program within 4-24 hours after registering your request

Transparent price

You pay at the hospital or to Mozocare’s escrew bank account. Mozocare does not charge any commissions or hidden fees.

24/7 support

Our team is here for you around the clock, around the world.

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