Dr Dillip Kumar Mishra Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Dr Dillip Kumar Mishra

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

35 Years of Experience

Apollo Hospital Chennai, Chennai, India

  • Dr Dillip Kumar Mishra is a Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon in Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, and has immense experience of 35 years in this field.
  • Dr Dillip Kumar Mishra has a membership of Tamil Nadu Medical Council and Indian Medical Association.
  • Some of the services provided by the doctor are: Radial Approach Angiography,Mitral/Heart Valve Replacement,Invasive Cardiac,Cardio Thoracic Surgery and Pacemaker Implantation etc.

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  • MBBS from Utkal University, Orissa, India, 1976
  • MD (General Medicine) from Utkal University, Orissa, India, 1983
  • MCh (Cardio Thoracic Surgery) from Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, 1986

Awards and Recognitions

  • Received various prestigious awards such as Young Achiever's Award, and Bharat Jyoti Award.


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Cardiothoracic Surgery treatments abroad  Cardiothoracic surgery is the field of medicine involved in surgical treatment of organs inside the thorax generally treatment of conditions of the heart (heart disease) and lungs (lung disease). In most countries, cardiac surgery (involving the heart and the great vessels) and general thoracic surgery (involving the lungs, esophagus, thymus, etc.) are separate surgical specialties.

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Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Surgery treatments abroad Coronary artery disease (CAD) is one of the most common heart disease conditions and happens when cholesterol and other materials build up in the artery walls, narrowing the artery and reducing the blood supply to the heart. This leads to chest pain and in the worse cases to a stroke, which can damage the patient life quality or have even more serious consequences. One way to treat this condition is to provide the blood a new way

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Heart Valve replacement is a medical procedure to substitute one or more of the heart valves damaged, or affected by a disease. The process is done as an alternative to valve repair. In conditions when valve repair or catheter-based procedures become nonviable, the cardiologist may propose undergoing the valve replacement surgery. During the procedure, your cardio-surgeon detaches the heart valve and restores it with a mechanical one or one made from cow, pig or human heart tissue (biological ti

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Mitral Valve Repair treatments abroad  Mitral valve repair and mitral valve replacement are procedures that may be performed to treat diseases of the mitral valve — the valve located between the left heart chambers (left atrium and left ventricle). Types Annuloplasty Valvuloplasty. Why it's done? Mitral valve disease treatment depends on how severe your condition is, if you're experiencing signs and symptoms, and if your condition is getting worse. Your doctor and tre

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Pacemaker Implantation treatments abroad Pacemaker implantation is a procedure required by patients whose heart's conduction system is not working in the way it should. Patients may suffer from an irregular heartbeat or damages to their heart muscle as a result of a heart attack. The pacemaker is a small electrical device in metal used to regulate the heartbeat, that weighs between 20 and 50 g and is inserted under the skin on the chest below the collarbone, near the heart and connected

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