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A surgical treatment to remove a tumor or any cancerous growth at the bottom of the skull is referred to as skull base surgery. Symptoms are facial pain, headache, numbness, hearing loss, ringing in ears, weakness of the face, etc. Diagnostic tests are endoscopy, CT scan, MRI, MRA, PET scan, and biopsy. Treatment for the disease can be minimally invasive surgery, open surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, gamma knife, proton beam therapy, and particle therapy. There are risks of bleeding, loss of smell, infection, numbness, etc., after surgery.

How much does it cost?

The average cost of skull base surgery is $5250.

Where can I find Skull Base Surgery abroad?

Skull base surgery from the renowned and experienced neurosurgeons plays a crucial role. Many people prefer to travel abroad for treatment. There are many certified clinics and hospitals around the world offering quality skull base surgery. At Mozocare you can find Skull Base Surgery in India, Skull Base Surgery in Thailand, Skull Base Surgery in Germany, Skull Base Surgery in Turkey, Skull Base Surgery in Mexico, etc.

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Wockhardt Super Specialty Hospital Mira Road $5185 Enquire
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