5 ‘S” To Avoid For A Healthy Kidney

Audio Transcript

If in a nutshell I can tell my listeners that there are 5’S they should avoid for a healthy kidney. 

First S is Sugar-Sugar is for diabetes

Second S is Salt- Excess salt will lead to high blood pressure. 

Third S is smoking- No smoking, smoking is very bad for kidney and heart. 

Fourth S is Stress-If you are very stressed our catechol, our hormones our going high in the blood, and they cause blood pressure and damage to heart and kidneys. 

And the fifth S is sedentary lifestyle, if we lead a sedentary lifestyle we have a proclivity to become fat, have high sugar, high blood pressures, and we become lazy and our body fitness reduces, our muscles reduce. 

And there two other S’s also I think of it spirits that is alcohol, not too much of them, may be little bit in moderation is okay, but one is an habitual drinker then he or she will have a problem. 

And final S in today’s world is sleep lack, if you are not sleeping enough research has shown that there will be high chances of kidney and heart diseases