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Hey!! Good morning, I am stef and I have multiple myeloma. I came to BLK hospital, under doctor Dr. Dharma Chaudary for my strepsils transplant. Honestly I don’t know what’s going to happen to me when I came to the hospital, but I was really amazed, because I was the hospital staff, specially the BMT department. They were so caring for me all throughout my transplant from the beginning until I was discharged. I was really happy that I came to BLK, and I was really happy because Dr. Dharma Chaudary and all his team starting from the doctor and the nurse and all the staff at BMT department, they were all taking care of me. And I was really happy for it, and I am very thankful for them, what they did to me. I wish all BLK hospital and specially the BMT department a very good health and take care every one. I love you guys.

BLK super speciality hospital-A passion for healing.

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