Happy New Year Podcast

Audio Transcript

Happy New Year!! Welcome to 2020 and thanks for all you have done to join us and making 2019 a significant year for the Mozocare. I am Krishan Kumar founding member of Mozocare. As we begin our work together in 2020, I want to take a movement to look at what happened in 2019. Thank you for helping us to make Mozocare works much easier. It was a significant year in that we celebrated 5 years of Mozocare, and I am proud that we and all of our partners work together to make Mozocare an impactful medical assistance provider. We expanded our foot print from Central Africa to East Africa to mozambique and the several other outreach countries along the globe, which may have the patients or a family. Everywhere have a chance of healthy and prosperous future. I want to say thank you to everyone there. We can not work without all of us working together to make a difference. So, as we go in 2020. I want to say that thank you again.

We are just getting started we have a lot to do. The world has many challenges but if you are working together I know we can make a difference. Here is still a great year ahead. Once again wish you Happy New year. Mozocare find health care abroad.

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