Breast Cancer Awareness Program Podcast


Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in a woman globally.

Did you know one assist breast cancer occurs in women of age 40 to 49.

Did you know one in 69, 10 years risk of breast cancer in 40 year old.

Did you know 70% of the women who died from breast cancer were among the 20% of the women who are not screened.

So, if you are 40 or older than book your mammogram today. 100% five years survival at earliest stage.

The only way to detect the cancer early before it causes any symptoms is through mammogram. They are the most common way to see below the surface of the breast with an __test.

Mammogram is an X-ray of breast it can detect breast cancer upto 2 years before tumors can be felt by you or your doctor. Women age 40 to 45 are older who are at an average risk of breast cancer should have a mammogram once in a year. 

A woman with high risk should have early mammograms along with an MRI starting at an age 30. Early detection is a key in the treatment of breast cancer. There are steps you can take to detect breast cancer early when it is most treatable. 

Always remember if there is an unusual lump or spot in your breast or have any other symptom of breast cancer make an appointment to your doctor, chances are good that its not breast cancer. For instance there are many other potential causes for breast lumps. If it turns out to be a cancer then keep in mind that early treatment is the key. 

Early stage breast cancer can often be treated and cured if found quickly enough, make an appointment to your doctor.