PD Dr. med. Stephan W. Tohtz


HELIOS Hospital Berlin-Zehlendorf, Berlin, Germany

  • PD Dr. med. Stephan W. Tohtz is a coveted orthopedician serving in Germany.
  • PD Dr. med. Stephan W. Tohtz graduated from Humboldt University Berlin with a degree in medicine in 1997 In 2003, completed specialized training in Orthopedecian In 2004.
  • Afterwards, he became a senior consultant at the Charite University Hospital Berlin, then Appointed as the assistant director of the orthopedic and traumatology department at the Charite University Hospital Berlin, then Became chief physician for Orthopedecian and trauma surgery at HELIOS Hospital Berlin-Zehlendorf in 2013.
  • Particularly he is expertise in performing spinal column surgery, knee arthroscopy, and cruciate ligament surgery.
  • PD Dr. med. Stephan W. Tohtz is an active Member of the German Society for Orthopedecian and Orthopedic Surgery (DGOOC) and the Federal Association of Specialists for Orthopedecian and Trauma Surgery (BVOU).

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  • Graduated from Humboldt University Berlin with a degree in medicine in 1997 In 2003
  • Specialized training in Orthopedecian In 2004


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