Dr. Sandeep Kumar Jain General Surgeon

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Jain

General Surgeon

16 Years of Experience

Max Super Specialty Hospital Patparganj, New Delhi, India

  • Dr. Sandeep Kumar Jain is a renowned General Surgeon in India.
  • Performs several minor or major general surgery (OT).
  • Carrying out Laparoscopic Gen.Surgery & Laparoscopic Gynae Surgery Management of patients in OPD, Surgical Ward & Casualty Plan and perform surgery from pre-operation until discharge.
  • Frequently check the status of the patient until recovery after surgery.
  • Discuss and communicate with the patient and family about the details of the surgery.
  • Monitor the health of the patient after surgery to safeguard that no complications have resulted from the operation.
  • Conduct additional operation or treatment if needed. Involved ineffective records keeping of patients.

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  • 2009 - DNB (General Surgery) -Training (3 Yrs ) at Northern Railway Central Hospital,New Delhi Institute- National Board of Examinations .
  • 2008 - MBA (HCS), Sikkim Manipal University
  • 1999 - MBBS S.P Medical College, Bikaner (Rajasthan University,Jaipur)

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10 procedures across 2 departments

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