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Dr. B. N. Tandon Gastrointestinal Surgeon

Dr. B. N. Tandon

Gastrointestinal Surgeon Gastroenterology Consultation..

55 Years of Experience

Metro Hospital and Heart Institute, Noida Sector 12

Noida, India

Metro Hospital and Heart Institute, Noida Sector 12

Noida, India

  • Dr. B. N. Tandon is one of the renowned names in the field of Gastroenterology in the country.
  • Dr. B. N. Tandon has rich experience of more than 5 decades in his specialization.
  • He received prestigious, India's 2nd highest civilian award, “Padma Bhushan”, in 1986, by President of India.
  • Dr. B. N. Tandon published 225 original publications, eight authored monographs and 15 chapters in various textbooks.
  • He also got elected President of the International Association of Liver, Asian Pacific Association of Liver, Indian Society of Gastroenterology, Nutrition Society of India and International Association of Study of Liver, Chairperson of the Digestive Diseases Foundation of India, Gastroenterology Research, Metro Centre for Liver and Digestive Diseases, NOIDA, and Task Force of ICMR on Hepatitis.

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  • MBBS, King George's Medical School, Lucknow 
  • MD, King George's Medical School, Lucknow
  • Family practice
  • General medicine
  • Dr. B. N. Tandon is a Fellow of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, elected to the position in 1974.
  • He is also a Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy, Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicines and the Indian Public Health Association.
  • The Government of India awarded him the civilian honor of the Padma Bhushan in 1986.
  • He received the Sasakawa WHO Health Prize of the World Health Organization in 1990 and the Jubilee Medal of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in 1995.
  • He has delivered several award orations such as Dr. R.V. Rajam Oration (1983–84) of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, and is also a recipient of Kent Memorial Award of the National Homoeopathic Association (1998), Lifetime Achievement Award of the New Delhi chapter of the Indian Medical Association (2004) and the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award of Indian society of Gastroenterology (2007)
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