Best Hospitals In Japan

best hospitals in japan

Ranking of hospitals are published by Newsweek. Newsweek is a premier news magazine and website that has been bringing high-quality journalism to readers around the globe for over 80 years.

The rankings are based on recommendations from medical professionals, results from patient surveys and key medical performance indicators. Below given are the list of best hospitals in Japan in different medical discipline

List of Best Hospitals In Japan

1St. Luke’s International HospitalTokyo
2The University of Tokyo HospitalTokyo
3Kyoto University HospitalKyoto
4Osaka University HospitalOsaka
5Kameda Medical CenterKamogawa
6Kurashiki Central HospitalKurashiki
7Kyushu University HospitalFukuoka
8Center Hospital of the National Center for Global Health and MedicineTokyo
9Toranomon Hospital KajigayaKawasaki
10Juntendo University HospitalTokyo
11Nagoya University HospitalNagoya
12Hokkaido University HospitalHokkaido
13Okayama University HospitalOkayama
14Japanese Red Cross Medical CenterTokyo
15Chiba University HospitalChiba
16Teikyo University HospitalTokyo
17Iizuka HospitalIizuka
18Seirei Hamamatsu General HospitalHamamatsu
19Musashino RedCross HospitalMusashino
20Kyorin University HospitalMitaka
21Tokyo Medical And Dental University – Medical HospitalTokyo
22St. Marianna Medical University HospitalKawasaki
23Anjo-kosei HospitalAnjo
24Teine Keijinkai HospitalSapporo
25Ōsaka Police HospitalOsaka
26Okinawa Chubu Central HospitalOkinawa
27The Jikei University HospitalTokyo
28Kobe University HospitalKobe
29Fujita University HospitalToyoake
30Osaka City University HospitalOsaka
31Kanazawa University HospitalKanazawa
32Jichi Medical University HospitalShimotsuke
33Nippon Medical School HospitalTokyo
34Tokai University School of Medicine HospitalIsehara
35Akita University HospitalAkita
36Nagoya Second Red Cross HospitalNagoya
37Hiroshima University HospitalHiroshima
38Yokohama City University HospitalYokohama
39Yokohama City University Medical CenterYokohama
40Gifu University HospitalGifu
41Osaka Medical College HospitalTakatsuki
42Keio University HospitalTokyo
43Kitasato University HospitalSagamihara
44Kurume University HospitalKurume
45Tokyo Medical CenterTokyo
46Kobe City Medical Center General HospitalKobe
47Kyoto Medical CenterKyoto
48Toyama University HospitalToyama
49Saitama Medical University Medical CenterKawagoe
50Saiseikai Central HospitalTokyo
51Osaka City General HospitalOsaka
52Fukuoka University HospitalFukuoka
53Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Medical CenterTokyo
54University of Tsukuba HospitalTsukuba
55University Hospital, Kyoto Prefectural University of MedicineKyoto
56Tokushima University HospitalTokushima
57Shonan Kamakura General HospitalKamakura
58Shinshu University HospitalMatsumoto
59NTT Medical Center TokyoTokyo
60Aizawa HospitalMatsumoto
61Toranomon HospitalTokyo
62Osaka General Medical CenterOsaka
63Ehime University HospitalTōon
64Yokohama Rosai HospitalYokohama
65Tohoku University HospitalSendai
66Aichi Medical University HospitalNagakute
67Saiseikai Fukuoka General HospitalFukuoka
68Saitama Medical University International Medical CenterSaitama
69Kansai Medical University HospitalHirakata
70Yokosuka Kyōsai HospitalYokosuka
71Nihon University Itabashi HospitalTokyo
72Japanese Red Cross Kyoto First HospitalKyoto
73Nagasaki University HospitalNagasaki
74University of Fukui HospitalEiheiji
75Toyota Memorial HospitalToyota
76Showa University Northern Yokohama HospitalYokohama
77Kawasaki Medical School HospitalKurashiki
78Japanese Red Cross Nagoya Daiichi HospitalNagoya
79Wakayama Medical University HospitalWakayama
80Kagawa University HospitalTakamatsu
81Niigata University Medical & Dental HospitalNiigata
82Nagoya City University HospitalNagoya
83Saitama Red Cross HospitalSaitama
84Tsuchiura Kyodo HospitalTsuchiura
85Yamagata University HospitalYamagata
86Hyōgo College of Medicine HospitalNishinomiya
87Osaka National HospitalOsaka
88Asahikawa Medical UniversityAsahikawa
89Jichi Medical University Saitama Medical CenterSaitama
90Mie University HospitalTsu
91Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh HospitalTokyo
92Nara Medical University HospitalKashihara
93Shimane University HospitalIzumo
94Dokkyo Medical University HospitalMibu
95Hyogo Prefectural Amagasaki General Medical CenterAmagasaki
96Saitama Medical University HospitalSaitama
97Red Cross Hospital in NaganoNagano
98Showa University HospitalTokyo
99Nihonkai General HospitalSakata
100Japanese Red Cross Ishinomaki HospitalIshinomaki
101Tokyo Medical University HospitalTokyo
102National Hospital Organization Kyushu Medical CenterFukuoka
103Hamamatsu University HospitalHamamatsu
104Sumitomo HospitalOsaka
105Tōkyō Teishin HospitalTokyo
106Minato Red Cross HospitalYokohama
107Chiba-Nishi General HospitalMatsudo
108Kindai University HospitalOsaka
109Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatrics HospitalTokyo
110Saiseikai Kumamoto HospitalKumamoto
111Oita University HospitalYufu
112Kumamoto Medical CenterKumamoto
113Kokura Memorial HospitalKitakyushu
114Kawasaki Saiwai HospitalKawasaki
115Kumamoto University HospitalKumamoto
116Tottori University HospitalYonago
117Central Asahi General HospitalAsahi
118Kagoshima University HospitalKagoshima
119Osaka Red Cross HospitalOsaka
120Kyoto Daini Red Cross HospitalKyoto
121Japanese Red Cross Society Himeji HospitalHimeji
122Komaki City HospitalKomaki
123Juntendo University Urayasu HospitalUrayasu
124Yamagata Prefectural Central HospitalYamagata
125Kitano HospitalOsaka
126Japanese Red Cross Ise HospitalIse
127Kantō Rōsai HospitalKawasaki
128Juntendo University Nerima HospitalTokyo
129Saiseikai Yokohamashi Tobu HospitalYokohama
130Kanazawa Medical University HospitalUchinada
131Fukuoka East Medical CenterFukuoka
132Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya HospitalKoshigaya
133Urayasu Ichikawa Medical CenterUrayasu
134Tenri Yorozu Consultation Center HospitalTenri
135Shizuoka Prefectural General HospitalShizuoka
136Yokohama Municipal Citizen’s HospitalYokohama
137University of Yamanashi HospitalChuo, Yamanashi
138Nagasaki Medical CenterŌmura
139Toyama Prefectural Central HospitalToyama
140Kawasaki Municipal Kawasaki KrankenhausKawasaki
141Saga University HospitalSaga
142Japanese Red Cross Asahikawa HospitalAsahikawa


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