Dr. Phani Kiran. S Neurologist

Dr. Phani Kiran. S


10 Years of Experience

Metro Hospital and Heart Institute, Noida Sector 11, Noida, India

  • Currently associated as Consultant - Institute of Neurosciences & Spinal Disorders at Global Hospitals, Chennai
  • Performed more than 1800 spine surgery procedures over the past four and a half years during and after the spine fellowship
  • Experienced in surgical and non-surgical management for degenerative, traumatic and infectious conditions of the spine
  • Interests are Pediatric and adult spinal deformity correction,Management of Early onset scoliosis, Spinal tumor excision and reconstruction, Minimally invasive spinal decompression and fixation techniques and Management of spinal cord injuries
  • Member of various renowned organizations such as National Academy of Medical Sciences (MNAMS), Indian Orthopedic Association, Association of Spine Surgeons of India and Neuro-Spinal Surgeons Association of India

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  • MBBS, 2002, Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi University 
  • MS, 2006, Maulana Azad Medical College 
  • DNB, 2007


12 procedures across 5 departments

Neurology Consultation treatments abroad Neurology consultation is the main activity of neurology teams and it includes diagnosis and follow-up of all neurological diseases and then deciding appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for each case. At Mozocare, we have highly qualified and experienced neurologists. What are the general objectives of neurology consultation? To diagnose any neurological disease. To establish a complementary investigation plan to determine the

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Scoliosis Treatment treatments abroad  Scoliosis is a three-dimensional deviation of the spine. It is quite a common condition. In fact, 2-3% of Americans at the age of 16 already show signs of scoliosis and girls are more likely to be affected than boys. Scoliosis can be either classified as congenital (the vertebral malformation is already present at birth), neuromuscular (this can happen as a result of abnormal muscles or nerves, frequently seen in people affected by spina bifida, cer

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A spinal tumor is a tumor that is present as an abnormal growth within the spinal cord or the outer covering of the spinal cord. Although spinal tumors are less common and if you have back pain that is the most common symptom of spinal tumor, one would not think about having a spinal tumor in the first place so it is important to contact your doctor to rule out the condition as early as possible.  Due to the availability of advanced imaging techniques, spinal tumors are usually diagnosed

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Spine Surgery is surgery done on the backbone. Earlier ' Open surgery ' used to be done in which a long incision around 5 inches was done down the back to gain access to muscles and anatomy of the spine, however, with time technological advancement had to lead to a new technique of Spine surgery that is called  Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery.  It is indicated by orthopedic surgeons when nonsurgical treatment procedures like Medications, Physiotherapy, Muscle strengthening

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