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Neurology consultation is the main activity of neurology teams and it includes diagnosis and follow-up of all neurological diseases and then deciding appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for each case. At Mozocare, we have highly qualified and experienced neurologists.

What are the general objectives of neurology consultation?

  • To diagnose any neurological disease.
  • To establish a complementary investigation plan to determine the stage and prognosis of the disease.
  • To develop a therapy and follow up plan.
  • To make a preventive plan for patients at high risk.
  • To identify and cooperate with non- neurological diseases that have an influence on the nervous system.

Which other Neurology procedures can I find abroad?

There are renowned and modern hospitals and clinics providing the best neurology treatment abroad. You can find Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Abroad, Epilepsy Treatment Abroad, Neurological Rehabilitation Abroad, etc.

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