Vascular Ultrasound

Vascular ultrasound is a diagnostic process used to evaluate the body's circulatory system and assist in identifying the blockages in the vines, arteries and detect the blood clots with the help of sound waves. Vascular ultrasound produces images of the body's veins and arteries. The vascular ultrasound is a non-invasive ultrasound method, which means this method does not need the usage of needles, dyes, radiation, or any type of anesthesia. During the vascular ultrasound, sound waves are transmitted into the tissues of the region being examined. These sound waves reverberate off blood cells flowing within the blood vessels, enabling the reading doctor to measure their speed. These sound waves are recorded and displayed on a computer screen.

What affects the final cost of Vascular Ultrasound?

There are many factors that can affect the costs

  • Types of Surgery performed
  • Experience of the surgeon
  • Choice of hospital & Technology
  • Rehabilitation cost after surgery
  • Insurance Coverage can affect a person's out of pocket expenses

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Hospitals for Vascular Ultrasound

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Before Procedure / Treatment

The patient is asked to wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing. The patient may need to remove all clothing and accessories in the area that is being examined. The patient is sometimes said to change into a hospital gown. It is best to fast before the ultrasound.
Ultrasound scans are very perceptive to movement, and an active or crying child can lengthen the examination process. To guarantee a smooth experience, it usually helps to explain the procedure to the child before the exam.

How it Performed?

The whole procedure of the vascular ultrasound takes about 30-45 minutes. For almost every ultrasound the patient is supposed to face upwards on the table. However, the patient is asked to move either side for better images. Just like any other ultrasound even in the vascular ultrasound, a clear gel is applied to the area of examination on the body. Now the radiologist or the technologist places a transducer on the skin and sweeps over the area of interest. The sound beam may also be angled from another location to get a better understanding of the area of interest.

Doppler sonography is performed using the same transducer.

Top 10 Hospitals for Vascular Ultrasound

Following are the best 10 hospitals for Vascular Ultrasound in the world:

# Hospital Country City Price
1 Wockhardt Hospital South Mumbai India Mumbai ---    
2 Chiangmai Ram Hospital Thailand Chiang Mai ---    
3 Medipol Mega University Hospital Turkey Istanbul ---    
4 Hirslanden Klinik Im Park Switzerland Zurich ---    
5 Gangnam Severance Hospital South Korea Seoul ---    
6 JSC Medicina Clinic Russian Federation Moscow ---    
7 American University Hospital of Beirut Lebanon Beirut ---    
8 As-Salam International Hospital Egypt Cairo ---    
9 Global Hospitals India Mumbai ---    
10 European Health Centre Poland Otwock ---    

Best doctors for Vascular Ultrasound

Following are the best doctors for Vascular Ultrasound in the world:

1 Dr Vijay Jayakrishnan Interventional Radiologist Aster Medcity Hospital
2 Dr. Surinder Singh Khatana Vascular Surgeon Fortis Memorial Research...
3 Dr. Bhaskar B. V. Cardiothoracic Surgeon BGS Global Hospitals
4 Dr R Sekhar Cardiologist Kokilaben Dhirubhai Amban...
5 Dr Himanshu Verma Vascular Surgeon Paras Hospitals
6 Dr Amar Nath Ghosh Cardiothoracic Surgeon Apollo Gleneagles Hospita...
7 Dr Sushan Mukhopadhyay Cardiothoracic Surgeon Apollo Gleneagles Hospita...
8 Dr Sarajit Kumar Das Cardiothoracic Surgeon Fortis Hospital Anandapur

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