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Proton Treatment for Breast cancer, Proton Treatment for eye cancers, Proton Treatment for Prostate cancer, Proton Treatment for Lung cancer, Proton Treatment for Liver cancer, Proton Treatment for head and neck cancers, Proton Treatment for Brain tumors,  Proton Treatment for  sarcomas.

Proton therapy, also called proton beam therapy, is a non-invasive treatment for cancer which uses proton particles to destroy tumors. The procedure is similar to radiotherapy, but using microscopic particles rather than energy waves to target cancerous cells. Proton therapy is currently only available in a small number of specialist centers around the world. It is not widely available, as it requires highly specialized equipment. In order to direct high-speed, charged protons at the tissue, a particle accelerator is needed. Depending on the type of cancer being treated, more powerful equipment is needed. For example, to target the eye, the proton beam does not need to travel as quickly, and some centers specialize in treating eye cancers only.

However, parts of the body such as the prostate or lungs require highly accelerated particles. Proton therapy is recommended for certain types of cancer, particularly tumors near to sensitive areas, as the proton beam can be very targeted, damaging less healthy tissue than other therapies. Due to the specialized equipment and expertise, the cost of proton therapy is higher than alternatives such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The cost of proton therapy can range from around 20,000 EUR (around 23,000 USD) to over 40,000 EUR (46,000 USD).

Proton therapy is recommended for Cancers that may be treatable using proton therapy include: Certain eye cancers, Prostate cancer, Lung cancer, Liver cancer, Certain head and neck cancers, Brain tumors and  Certain sarcomas 

Time requirements Number of trips abroad needed 1. Depending on the case, patients may have from one, up to around 5 proton therapy sessions. Proton therapy is usually performed as an outpatient procedure. 

What affects the final cost of Proton Treatment Therapy?

There are many factors that can affect the costs

  • Types of Surgery performed
  • Experience of the surgeon
  • Choice of hospital & Technology
  • Rehabilitation cost after surgery
  • Insurance Coverage can affect a person's out of pocket expenses

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About Proton Treatment Therapy

It is a type of radiation therapy. It is a very new as well as effective form of treatment. Radiation therapy uses high-energy beams to treat tumor. Proton therapy is used to treat cancerous as well as noncancerous cells.

It can be used alone to treat the tumor or can be combined with other treatment such as chemotherapy or surgery.

It can be used to treat: Brain tumors Breast cancer Cancer in children Eye melanoma Esophageal cancer Head and neck cancers Liver cancer Lung cancer Pituitary gland tumors Prostate cancer Sarcoma Tumors affecting the spine Tumors in the base of the skull

Before Procedure / Treatment

Proton therapy is a relatively new treatment, and usually patients are required to travel to find a specialized center. There are centers located around the world, and you can contact the Mozocare Care Team if you wish to find the best option for you.

Before proton therapy, the case must be examined by a specialist to determine if the patient is a suitable candidate for treatment. The treatment is only recommended for cancers which have not spread to other areas of the body, as the proton therapy can only target tumors which are contained in one area. In order to prepare, patients may be advised to send their previous medical reports and scans so that the specialist can assess them. In some cases, the specialist will want to see the patient, and perform an up-to-date cancer staging.,

How it Performed?

Proton therapy is performed in a specialized, purpose-built theater. Before the treatment begins, the patient will undergo an MRI scan or CT scan to check the position of the tumor. Depending on the type of cancer and the area being targeted, the specialist may apply a device to prevent the patient from moving. Once the patient is in position, the specialist will leave the room so that the proton beam therapy can begin.

The proton beams are delivered in such a way to target the tumor, layer by layer, to a minute level of detail. Depending on the size and position of the tumor, this should last around 15 minutes. In this time, the team will be able to communicate with you via a sound and video link-up.

Anesthesia No anesthesia is required, and the patient should not feel pain during the treatment. Procedure duration The Proton Therapy takes 15 to 30 minutes. The Heidelberg Ion-Beam Therapy (HIT) Center at Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany.,

Top 10 Hospitals for Proton Treatment Therapy

Following are the best 10 hospitals for Proton Treatment Therapy in the world:

# Hospital Country City Price
1 BLK-MAX Super Specialty Hospital India New Delhi ---    
2 Evercare Hospital Dhaka Bangladesh Dhaka ---    
3 Vijaya Hospital Chennai India Chennai ---    
4 Fortis Hospital Mohali India Chandigarh ---    
5 Aster Medcity Hospital India Kochi ---    
6 CARE Hospitals, Hi-Tech City India Hyderabad ---    
7 Wockhardt Super Specialty Hospital Mira... India Mumbai ---    
8 Fortis Hospital Bangalore India Bangalore ---    

Best doctors for Proton Treatment Therapy

Following are the best doctors for Proton Treatment Therapy in the world:

1 Dr Dodul Mondal Radiation Oncologist Max Super Specialty Hospi...
2 Prof. Dr. med. Jurgen Debus Radiation Oncologist Heidelberg University Hos...

Frequently Asked Questions

Proton therapy is a form radiation treatment for which powerful equipment is used to generate beams of radiation that penetrate the body and kill cancer cells. Oncologists use proton therapy to precisely kill the cancerous tissues without damaging surrounding healthy tissues.

In traditional forms radiation therapy such as X-ray beams which are used in IMRT treatment when given at high dose can destroy both healthy and cancerous areas along the path of the beam whereas Proton beams enter the body and deposit most of their energy at the target – the site of the tumor. Radiation oncology physicians are able to focus the energy of the proton beam within a tumor, minimizing damage to nearby healthy tissues and vital organs.

Proton therapy benefits patients with solid tumors that means the cancer has not spread to other parts of the body. Proton Therapy or Proton Beam Therapy is provides the most advanced radiation therapy available to treat Certain eye cancers, Prostate cancer, Lung cancer, Liver cancer, Certain head and neck cancers, Brain tumors and Certain sarcomas as well as other rare tumors can also benefit from proton therapy.

Patients undergo a simulation after an initial consultation with a radiation oncologist. It is a treatment planning session during which the simulation team marks the specific areas where you will be treated during your proton therapy treatments. Treatments usually begins after a week post simulation procedure and continue daily for up to eight weeks. Duration of treatment varies depending on the type of cancer. Your health care team will be able to tell you exactly how many treatments you will need after your consultation.

Proton radiation, once delivered to the targeted tumor site, has a very short life. After you complete treatment, you can leave the treatment room without any risk or radiation exposure to others.

Yes. The ability to precisely target tumors makes proton therapy ideal for treating childhood cancer. It provides accurate treatment of tumors near or within sensitive organs while limiting radiation exposure to healthy tissues, which is vital in children whose bodies are still growing and developing. This may reduce side effects during treatment, often allowing children to better tolerate proton therapy. Tumors in children that can benefit most from proton therapy are tumors of the brain, head, neck, spinal cord, heart or lungs.

No. We have immediate appointments available. Our Assistance team is available providing complete information, reviews, cost and other arrangements required.

Because proton therapy requires highly specialized and costly equipment, it is available at just a few medical centers in the globe.

Most effective cancer treatment now in India available at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre. Proton therapy is one of the best option to fight organ specific cancers.To find proton therapy in several other countries, please contact our care team or write to us at

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