High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

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HIFU or High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (also defined focused ultrasound - FUS), is a medical procedure that applies high intensity focused ultrasound to a target area of the body in order to to heal a disease. It uses a stream of ultrasound beams that will go through the tissue without harming it but having thermal and mechanical effects. This therapy is used to treat cancer and other conditions, and can be used as a stand alone procedure or be accompanied by chemotherapy or immunotherapy. The waves which kill the malignant cells do not have any side effects on any medications already in use.

The beneficial effects of this therapy have been recently discovered, so the results and success rates are yet to be confirmed. High-Intensity focused ultrasound is not able to go through the bones or air, and is not able to deal with every type of cancer. This therapy is used to treat a small tumor or a part of a larger tumor, and is not used if the cancer has already spread through the body.

HIFU is usually employed to treat the several types of cancer, especially prostate cancer. Under general or spinal anesthetic the patient's prostate can be easily reached with an ultrasound probe from the rectum. From here the ultrasound can be targeted to the prostate. Doctors use HIFU for cancer that has just been diagnosed and is in a very early stage, or for cancer that has come back in the prostate after a previous treatment.

\Other types of cancer that can be treated with HIFU are kidney cancer, primary and secondary liver cancer (when the cancer has spread to the liver), pancreatic cancer (considered as the first choice of treatment in UK and China to relieve pain for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer), and bladder cancer. This kind of treatment doesn't have severe side effects, but it can cause some discomfort and pain on the treated area for a couple of days after the procedure.

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High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), which may also be referred to as focused ultrasound (FUS), is a medical procedure used to treat cancer by applying high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to specific areas of cancer. HIFU treatment is used to treat small areas of cancer such as a single tumor, or it may be used to treat part of a larger tumor. It is most commonly used to treat localized prostate cancer.

The treatment is also being clinically trialled to test kidney, liver, and pancreatic cancer. HIFU may be a preferred method of cancer treatment for some patients if suitable, as it does not have the same side effects as other methods of cancer treatments such as radiotherapy. By applying high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to a targeted area, it heats and destroys diseased or damaged tissue.

The treatment is relatively new and has been successfully used to treat prostate cancer, however, as it is a new treatment, the longterm effects of the treatment are not yet known. Recommended for Prostate cancer Time requirements Number of days in hospital 1 Number of trips abroad needed 1. HIFU is used to treat prostate cancer and is a relatively new treatment. 

Depending on the treatment, some patients will need an enema, and if they are undergoing general anesthesia, they will be asked to fast for around 12 hours before the procedure.,

In order to target the prostate, an ultrasound probe is inserted into the rectum and the beams are directed at the prostate. The beams then heat up the targeted tissue and cells and destroys them. The surgeon will direct a highly focused beam of ultrasound energy at the affected tissue until it is destroyed.

Anesthesia General anesthetic Procedure duration The High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) takes 2 to 3 hours. HIFU involves applying high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to specific areas of cancer to destroy the cells.,

Post procedure care After the treatment, patients will need to attend further consultations with the doctor to monitor the success of the treatment and any side effects.

Possible discomfort Some discomfort associated with recovering from anesthesia is to be expected.,

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