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Chemotherapy is known as one of the aggressive forms of chemical drug therapy which focuses to destroy the cells in the body that grows rapidly. It is mainly used for the treatment of cancer. Cancer cells grow as well as divide rapidly than that of other cells. The treatment of cancer is done by the doctors who have done specialization in cancer treatment. They are called as Oncologists.

Determining the Chemotherapy

Selection of chemotherapy drugs depends on various factors which includes:

  • Cancer type
  • Cancer Stage
  • Overall health
  • Previous cancer treatments

How chemotherapy drugs are given

•             Chemotherapy infusions

•             Chemotherapy pills

•             Chemotherapy shots

•             Chemotherapy creams

•             Chemotherapy drugs used to treat one area of the body

•             Chemotherapy given directly to the cancer


Chemotherapy for conditions other than cancer

•             Bone marrow diseases

•             Immune system disorders

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