Mrs QiMei Huang | Patient Testimonial | Mozocare| New Delhi | India

My Life was full and happy. A healthy and small family of 5 members of three generations. Things were great, really great. Then, with four spoken words, everything changed.

It was July 2020 when we first heard those fateful words.

“You have a tumor.”

I am Qimei Huang from China. Everything was normal in my life and were enjoying series of family events in India. As part of the regular health check, I went for full body screening as recommended by Mozocare in a tertiary hospital in Delhi- the National Captial region when everything was found normal. Six months later, I was suffering from constipation, severe stomach pain, and indigestion to be followed by a medical investigation. That is when I was diagnosed with stomach cancer.
“No, you have a tumor,” the doctor said with pain in his eyes.

It was a sobering moment. Complete silence filled the room. We were in utter shock. Wait . . . what?

I was shaken completely as I could not come to terms with accepting the result. After counselled my daughter and Mozocare Team, I had gone surgery in a major hospital in Shanghai, followed by chemotherapy.

Many of the patients were denied surgical procedures in front of my sight and that was making me feel even more devastated than what will happen to me when my turn comes.

So far I am doing well with help of doctors, family, and the support of friends. Though every day still seems challenging, I find a ray of hope to return back to normal life.



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