Don’t ignore these warning signs of breast cancer

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the breast. Cancer starts when the cells begin to grow out of control. Breast cancer usually starts as a lump in the breast and is usually diagnosed with the help of x-rays, or it can even be felt as a lump.

Breast cancer mostly occurs in women, but we can not say that men cannot get breast cancer. In this article, we will learn about the warning signs and symptoms of breast cancer that you should not ignore.

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What are warning signs of breast cancer?

The symptoms of breast cancer are different for every other person. Some people might not show any physical symptoms. Some of the warning signs of breast cancer, that you should not ignore are:

Breasts lumps

Lumps in the armpits and breast areas are the most common and the first signs of breast cancer.

The lumps in these areas sometimes can be due to some other reasons. The doctor can usually see these lumps on a mammogram long before the patient can feel and see

Breast swelling and thickening

Some people usually get swelling and thickening of the

breasts during the periods and even the time before the periods, the problem is when the swelling and thickening of the breasts does not go away after the periods. Then the patient should consider consulting a doctor.

Sudden dimpling and irritation of the breasts

If a person is experiencing sudden irritation and dimpling of the skin near the breast area then it is high time they should consult their doctor and get screening tests

Pulling and severe pain in the nipple area

Pain and pulling feeling in the nipple area are not something that the person should ignore. Though the reason for this might be something other than breast cancer, it is wise to go see the doctor if that pulling and pain does not go away after a few days

Nipple discharge

Nipple discharge is quite common for women who are pregnant and women who are breastfeeding. When the discharge is not breast milk and looks like clear blood or some yellow liquid-like substance then the person should immediately consult their doctor.

Severe breast pain

Women usually experience pain in the breast area during the periods, but if this pain is continued even after some time then there might be a chance that the patient has breast cancer.

Changes in breast size and shape

Usually, the size and shape of the breast happen due to several reasons such as puberty, weight loss, weight gain, etc. But when the patient feels any abnormal change in the size and shape then the person should consult the doctor.

These warning signs are similar for both women and men, a person experiencing these symptoms should not neglect and consult a doctor immediately.


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