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La Clinique de l'Infirmerie Protestante

Lyon, France

La Clinique de l'Infirmerie Protestante Lyon France
La Clinique de l'Infirmerie Protestante Lyon France
La Clinique de l'Infirmerie Protestante Lyon France
La Clinique de l'Infirmerie Protestante Lyon France


La Clinique de l'Infirmerie Protestante was founded in 1844 and has over 30 medical specialties, including departments in cardiovascular surgery, visceral surgery, oncology, orthopedic surgery, ENT, and urological surgery. The hospital made many notable advancements in 2015, including introducing robotic-assisted surgery, and opening a dedicated thoracic pain unit. The hospital has been certified by the National Health Authority (HAS), an independent authority which assesses the quality of care provided at French hospitals. Furthermore, the hospital has free WiFi, accepts dietary requests and has disability access rooms. There is air conditioning throughout and visitors have the option to stay in VIP private rooms.

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The medical team at La Clinique de l'Infirmerie Protestante includes 165 doctors with national and international experience. Many have particular expertise in the latest innovative medical techniques and are members of important medical boards and organizations, such as the European Society of Cardiology, French Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (SFCTCV), and the French Association of Surgery They are supported by a team of nurses and medical technicians, who work together to ensure patients have the most efficient and comfortable stay possible at the hospital.

1 Dr. Bouchayer Damien Cardiologist
2 Dr. Durand Dubief Cardiologist
3 Dr. Lapeze Cardiologist
4 Dr. Garbit General Surgeon
5 Dr. Raspado General Surgeon
6 Dr. Al Samman General Surgeon
7 Dr. Cassignol Alexandre Gynaecologist and Obstetrician
8 Dr. Faure ENT/Otorhinolaryngologist
9 Dr. Fiquet Orthopedecian
10 Dr. De La Roche Thoracic surgeon


Clinique de l'Infirmerie Protestante à Lyon - 1,3 chemin du penthod Caluire et Cuire Lyon, France

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