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Spinal fusion surgery is performed to prevent friction between 2 or more vertebrae, by fusing them together with a bone graft or synthetic material. By preventing friction between the vertebrae, it can relieve back pain and pressure put on surrounding nerves. The surgery may be performed for a number of reasons, which include repairing broken vertebrae, treating spinal deformities such as scoliosis, and treating a herniated disk or spinal stenosis. A bone graft may be taken from elsewhere in the body to be used to join the vertebrae together, and in some cases donor bone may be used. In some cases, the surgeon may use synthetic material to join the vertebrae together instead of using a bone graft or donor bone.

After spinal fusion surgery, the spine will not move in the same way as it previously did. Once the vertebrae have been joined together, the other vertebrae will have an extra strain on them, which may accelerate degeneration. Recommended for Scoliosis Herniated spinal disk Spinal tumor Spinal stenosis Broken vertebrae Spinal injury Spondylolisthesis Degenerative spinal conditions Time requirements Number of days in hospital 2 - 3 days Average length of stay abroad 5 - 8 days. Number of trips abroad needed 1. Spinal fusion surgery joins 2 or more vertebrae together to relieve pain and pressure on the nerves. 

Before the surgery, the patient will have a consultation with the surgeon who will explain the surgery in depth and answer any questions or address any concerns that the patient may have. The patient will usually be advised to refrain from smoking and taking certain medications in weeks before surgery and will also be asked to refrain from eating and drinking in the hours preceding the surgery, in order to prepare for the general anesthetic.,

Before the surgery begins, a bone graft may be taken from elsewhere in the body, usually taken from the pelvis, or donor bone may be used. In some cases, the surgeon may opt to use synthetic material for the fusion, rather than a bone graft. Taking a bone graft involves making an incision along the pelvis and removing part of the bone. Once part of the bone has been removed, the incision site is then closed with sutures.

The surgeon will begin the spinal fusion surgery by making an incision. The location of the incision will depend on which vertebrae will be joined together. The surgeon may make the incision along the spine or along the side of spine, and in some cases in the throat or abdomen, if the vertebrae need to be accessed from the front. Once there is access to the vertebrae, the vertebrae are then joined together using the bone graft.

In some cases, the surgeon may opt to secure the bone in place using screws or metal plates. The incision is then closed with sutures. Anesthesia General anesthetic. Procedure duration The Spinal Fusion Surgery takes 2 to 7 hours. The bone graft is placed in between 2 vertebrae to join them together.,

Post procedure care Patients should avoid any strenuous actives in the weeks after surgery. Some patients may be given a back brace to wear to aid their recovery.

Physical therapy is usually required after the surgery, in order to teach the patient how to move while keeping their spine aligned.

Possible discomfort Patients will experience pain and discomfort after the surgery and while the spine heals.,

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