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The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that a child first sees a dentist within 6 months of their first tooth appearing or by their first birthday. It is important that a dentist examine the child to ensure that their jaw develops correctly, that all the teeth are present, in place, and will erupt correctly. Pediatric dentists help patients to correct bad habits, and to educate the parents on the proper care of their child's teeth.

Dentists are also able to detect many other health problems far ahead of time such as diabetes, oral cancer, some heart conditions, and other concerns. Pediatric dentists can also develop oral hygiene programs that meet the child's specific needs. Some parents believe that since their child's "baby teeth" will fall out and be replaced, that they aren't important.

\However, not only does a child need these teeth to eat properly, but they play a crucial role in maintaining a pathway for the adult teeth to erupt later on. Also, proper oral development is important for the child to learn how to speak and chew properly. Even if it is only a preventative visit, if a child regularly visits the dentist growing up, they are likely to take better care of their teeth as an adult.

Which dentistry procedures can I find abroad?

There are many other general dentistry procedures related to pediatric dentistry. Common dental issues in children can be treated with procedures such as: Braces Clinics Abroad Retainer Clinics Abroad Wisdom Tooth Extraction Clinics Abroad,

What affects the final cost of Pediatric Dentistry?

There are many factors that can affect the costs

  • Types of Surgery performed
  • Experience of the surgeon
  • Choice of hospital & Technology
  • Rehabilitation cost after surgery
  • Insurance Coverage can affect a person's out of pocket expenses
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About Pediatric Dentistry

Common pediatric dentistry procedures include preventative treatments such as cleaning, fluoride treatment, and dental sealant, as well as mouth X-rays, dental fillings, extractions, and early orthodontics. All children can benefit from pediatric dentistry, such as a dental checkup, but it is particularly important in children with toothache, cavities, poor oral health or other problems.

Recommended for All children should attend regular check-ups Time requirements Average length of stay abroad 1 - 2 days. Number of trips abroad needed 1. Children should attend regular dental checkups to detect early signs of tooth decay. Time requirements Average length of stay abroad 1 - 2 days. Number of trips abroad needed 1. Time requirements Average length of stay abroad 1 - 2 days. Number of trips abroad needed 1.

Children should attend regular dental checkups to detect early signs of tooth decay.,

Before Procedure / Treatment

Many pediatric dentistry procedures do not require any preparation. If the child has an abscess, they may be given antibiotics to reduce the infection before the tooth is removed.,

How it Performed?

Pediatric dentists provide comprehensive oral health care for patients up to adulthood. Pedodontic specialists assess the health of children's teeth, and are especially interested in early prevention and oral hygiene. Most pediatric dentists assess the development of children's adult teeth with a view to referring them to an appropriate orthodontic practitioner if necessary.

Parent's should bring their child's medical history with them to the initial dental checkup, to ensure that the dentist has all of the information that they need. Procedure duration Pediatric dentistry procedure usually take around 30 minutes or less. The dentist will examine the teeth and gums to ensure they are in a healthy condition.,

Top 10 Hospitals for Pediatric Dentistry

Following are the best 10 hospitals for Pediatric Dentistry in the world:

# Hospital Country City Price
1 BLK-MAX Super Specialty Hospital India New Delhi ---    
2 Bangkok Hospital Thailand Bangkok ---    
3 Medipol Mega University Hospital Turkey Istanbul ---    
4 Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre India Mumbai ---    
5 European Medical Center (EMC) Russian Federation Moscow ---    
6 Fortis Hospital Anandapur India Kolkata ---    
7 Asian Hospital and Medical Center Philippines Manila ---    
8 AMEDS Clinic Poland Grodzisk Mazowiecki ---    
9 P. D Hinduja Hospital India Mumbai ---    
10 Hadassah Medical Center Israel Jerusalem ---    

Best doctors for Pediatric Dentistry

Following are the best doctors for Pediatric Dentistry in the world:

1 Dr. Anurag Singh Maxillofacial Surgeon Max Super Specialty Hospi...

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