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Mesotherapy involves injecting certain pharmaceuticals, herbal extracts, homeopathic medications, and/or vitamins into the subcutaneous fat layer beneath the skin. The injections are meant to cause lipolysis, leading the body to absorb and eliminate the fat. Lipolysis causes the fat to "melt" under the skin over time as the adipose tissue is destroyed. The remains are absorbed by the body's lymphatic system and then eliminated as waste. There is a wide range of substances used for mesotherapy. There are few conclusive studies as to the efficacy and safety of mesotherapy, as there is such a wide variety of ingredients used in the injections.

Some ingredients are part of natural, traditional treatments while others are manufactured as pharmaceuticals. Mesotherapy is meant to be a less-invasive alternative to more radical procedures such as liposuction. Mesotherapy is usually performed using very small needles and patients report very little pain during the treatment. Results are considered permanent unless the patient gains weight. There is no recovery time associated with mesotherapy, and patients are encouraged to resume normal activities the same day.

Where can I find dermatology treatment abroad?

There are many other dermatology treatments which can be used alongside mesotherapy to achieve optimum results, with clinics around the world providing quality procedures. Dermatology Clinics in Spain Dermatology Clinics in Thailand,

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