Gallstones Treatment

Gallstones are hardened deposits of digestive fluid that can form in your gallbladder. Your gallbladder is a small, pear-shaped organ on the right side of your abdomen, just beneath your liver. The gallbladder holds a digestive fluid called bile that's released into your small intestine. Gallstones range in size from as small as a grain of sand to as large as a golf ball.  Types of gallstones Cholesterol gallstones. Pigment gallstones

Cost of Gallstones Treatment around world

# Country Average Cost Starting Cost Highest Cost
1 India $3500 $3500 $3500

What affects the final cost of Gallstones Treatment?

There are many factors that can affect the costs

  • Types of Surgery performed
  • Experience of the surgeon
  • Choice of hospital & Technology
  • Rehabilitation cost after surgery
  • Insurance Coverage can affect a person's out of pocket expenses
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Hospitals for Gallstones Treatment

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Top 10 Hospitals for Gallstones Treatment

Following are the best 10 hospitals for Gallstones Treatment in the world:

# Hospital Country City Price
1 Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket India New Delhi ---    
2 Sikarin Hospital Thailand Bangkok ---    
3 Medipol Mega University Hospital Turkey Istanbul ---    
4 Vijaya Hospital Chennai India Chennai ---    
5 Manipal Hospital Bangalore India Bangalore ---    
6 Sri Ramachandra Medical Center India Chennai ---    
7 Saifee Hospital India Mumbai ---    
8 Kingsbridge Private Hospital United Kingdom Belfast ---    
9 Gleneagles Hospital Malaysia Kuala Lumpur ---    
10 AZ Monica General Hospital Antwerp Belgium Antwerp ---    

Best doctors for Gallstones Treatment

Following are the best doctors for Gallstones Treatment in the world:

1 Dr. Chandan Choudhary Urologist Dharamshila Narayana Supe...
2 Dr. Mayank Manjul Madan General Surgeon Artemis Hospital
3 Dr. Shalabh Agarwal Urologist Artemis Hospital
4 Dr. Piyush Varshney Urologist Fortis Hospital, Noida
5 Dr. Poonam Gulati Urologist Fortis Memorial Research...
6 Dr. Nutan Devendra Desai Gastroenterologist Fortis Hospital Mulund
7 Dr. Deepak Kapoor General Surgeon Fortis Escorts Heart Inst...

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