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What is Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery, also known as a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure whereby the size and contour of the breasts are corrected and modified in addition to elevating the breasts to eradicate sagging. The aim of the surgery is to tighten and lift the breast, making them proportionate. In order to achieve this, excess tissue is cut and removed and the nipple is usually repositioned so that it rests higher on the breast. A breast lift procedure is frequently offered by clinics in conjunction with breast implant surgery, if desired by the patient. The breast lift procedure is often performed in a manner to preserve the function of the breasts for breastfeeding and lactation, but sometimes this may not be the case if the nipple is separated from the milk duct.

It is advisable that patients who wish to breastfeed in the future, take this into consideration and discuss this with the surgeon. There are two types of breast lift surgeries available, a full breast lift and a modified breast lift. A full breast lift features 3 incisions and tends to leave more scarring in comparison to the modified breast lift which involves less incisions which leaves less scarring, but limits the level of reconstruction available.

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Breast Lift Surgery in Spain Spain is becoming an increasingly popular destination for European medical tourists. The price of most cosmetic procedures can be almost half the amount you would have to pay in the UK. Furthermore, there are cosmetic clinics in cities all over the country, including Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Breast Lift Surgery in Mexico Mexico is a popular destination among Americans who are looking for affordable cosmetic sur

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A breast lift procedure, also referred to as a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure used to lift and tighten sagging breasts (also called breast ptosis). The surgery is generally sought after by women have gone through pregnancy, have had breast implants removed, or have lost a lot of weight, which has resulted in the sagging of the breasts. A breast lift may be performed on patients with breast ptosis (sagging breasts) as a result of age, weight fluctuation or pregnancy, or patients who have stretched their breast skin as a result of breast implants. The surgery involves the repositioning of the nipple, as well as removing any excess skin. The breast tissue is then lifted and repositioned, creating a new and firmer shape.

The surgery is often performed with breast implant surgery. Patients should consider whether they want to breast feed after the procedure, as sometimes the nipples are separated from the milk ducts during surgery. However, many women are still able to breastfeed following a breast lift. Recommended for Breast ptosis (sagging breasts) Stretched breast skin Time requirements Number of days in hospital 1 - 2 days Average length of stay abroad 1 weeks. The surgeon will usually recommend waiting at least 7 days before travelling. Many patients who seek a breast lift also get breast implants as part of the surgery. 

After consultation with a surgeon, it is wise to have a mammogram before surgery to get an indicator of breast health. If the patient is also having breast implants inserted as part of the surgery, then they should discuss the size of the desired implants.

The patient will likely be advised to stop taking certain medications such as aspirin, and to refrain from smoking ahead of the surgery.,

There are different methods of breast lift surgery which may be performed. A standard breast lift involves making an incision at the bottom of the breast which extends up to the nipple. This method of surgery can leave visible scarring. Another method of surgery involves making an incision at the nipple and removing a patch of skin and the rest of the skin is reattached which creates a firmer look.

This type of incision leaves less visible scarring. The incision may also be made at the nipple and extend down the breast which also incurs less scarring when compared to a standard breast lift.

Once the incision has been made, the surgeon will remove excess tissue, and reposition the nipple. Many clinics offer the procedure in conjunction with breast implants if desired. Anesthesia General anesthetic.

Procedure duration The Breast Lift takes 2 to 3 hours. The surgeon removes excess tissue and repositions the nipple, which changes the appearance of the breast.,

 After the procedure patients will usually spend the first night in hospital, and may have surgical drains to remove fluid from the surgery site. These are usually removed after 24 hours or so.

For the first week patients may have bandages around the breasts, and after that the surgeon will usually recommend wearing a sports bra for the first month. Possible discomfort Immediately after surgery, patients should expect some swelling and bruising.

The drainage tube is usually removed the day after surgery, but can be a source of discomfort in the meantime.,

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