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More commonly known as a tummy tuck, an abdominoplasty is a procedure which removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen to firm and flatten the area. A tummy tuck also tightens the muscles, strengthening them and binding them back together. An abdominoplasty is not the same as liposuction, however in conjunction with liposuction, the procedure can be more effective at achieving the desired results. Patients who seek the procedure are often those that have lost a lot of weight and have resulting sagging skin, or women who have had several children.

Tummy tucks can be performed on men or women though, and the best candidates for the treatment are those that are in their best health, those who are at a maintained weight, non-smokers, and those who suffer from low self-esteem or self-confidence as a result of the appearance of their stomach. If you plan on having more children, if you plan to lose more weight, or if you are not prepared for the scars that an abdominoplasty entails, then patients are advised to reconsider having the procedure. Cosmetic surgeons insist that a tummy tuck should only be considered as the final step in achieving a flat tummy, after every other option has been explored - it is not a substitute to weight loss.

Before having a tummy tuck, it is always a good idea to prepare yourself. Patients have a choice in which abdominoplasty procedure they will choose, whether they want a complete or a partial/mini abdominoplasty. The complete option involves having the abdomen opened up from one side of the pelvis to the other and then the skin, muscle, and tissue is reshaped.

As part of this option, the belly button will be moved and draining tubes will be required for several days after surgery. Slightly less invasive is the partial, or mini, abdominoplasty, which reconstructs the skin and muscles below the belly button, meaning it doesnâ??t need to be moved. Surgery can take anything from an hour to five. Beforehand, maintaining a mal, healthy, and balanced diet is very important and patients should avoid any radical dieting in the weeks coming up to surgery.

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Tummy tuck procedures can be found at quality hospitals and plastic surgery clinics around the world. Popular destinations include: Abdominoplasty Clinics in Spain Abdominoplasty Clinics in Mexico,

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Abdominoplasty, also referred to as a "tummy tuck", is a surgical procedure performed to remove excess fat and skin that has lost its elasticity and to create a firmer and more defined abdomen. The procedure is most commonly performed on women who have excess skin from previous pregnancies, or on patients who have lost a lot of weight and want excess skin removed. The procedure involves creating a large incision beneath the abdomen and removing tissue so that the remaining skin can be pulled tightly together. The procedure is often performed as part of a body lift.

Recommended for Stretched abdominal muscles as a result of pregnancy Unsightly fat deposits or loose abdominal skin, particularly in patients who have lost a significant amount of weight Time requirements Number of days in hospital 1 - 3 days Average length of stay abroad 1 - 3 weeks. Many surgeons recommend waiting around 2 weeks before flying, and taking precautions against the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Patients will need approval from the surgeon before travelling. An abdominoplasty redefines the abdomen and makes it firmer. 

Patients will have an initial consultation with the surgeon to discuss the surgical options and the patient's desired outcome.

Patients who smoke are advised to give up smoking at least 2 weeks before the surgery and to continue this for at least 2 weeks post surgery.

Patients should arrange to have someone to pick them up after surgery and to stay with them for the first night after the surgery.,

There are two different types of abdominoplasty surgeries which may be performed, a complete abdominoplasty or a partial/mini abdominoplasty. A complete abdominoplasty involves making two incisions, one at the navel and one across the lower abdomen (bikini line). This surgery may require the navel to be repositioned. Excess skin and tissue are removed and stomach muscles are tightened, using dissolvable sutures.

It may be necessary to have a draining tube put into place after the surgery. A partial/mini abdominoplasty involves making a smaller incision compared to the incision in a complete abdominoplasty. This type of surgery is targeted for patients who have fat deposits below the navel. Both surgeries often incorporate liposuction as part of the procedure.

Once the tightening is complete, the surgeon completes the procedure by closing the incisions with small sutures. Anesthesia General anesthetic. Procedure duration The Abdominoplasty takes 2 to 3 hours. Before the surgery, the surgeon plans out the new shape. During surgery, excess fat and tissue are removed.,

Post procedure care Patients should relax and recover by avoiding heavy lifting or physical activity. It is common to experience swelling, pain or numbness. Many tummy tuck procedures require the use of surgical drains, which are inserted into the abdomen to drain fluid.

These are usually removed after 1 to 2 weeks, and in this time patients must be careful when showering etc. Patients will need to take 2 to 6 weeks off work, in order to allow for healing and recovery from the surgery.,

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