Portable Molecular Workstation ( iPonatic) Operation

Simple, Easy and Precise Operation of the Portable molecular workstation :-

  • Place the pipette tips in the correct position of the cartridge 
  • Remove the 4-tube strips cover and place it in the correct position of the cartridge 
  • Place the flat PCR tube in the correct position of the cartridge and open the lid. 
  • Use a pasteur to transfer the sample to sample well of the 4-tube strip. 
  • Put the prepared catridge into the iponatic. 
  • Click the experiment task, enter the name and select the method. Then click Submit and run. 
  • In 2-3 minutes, carefully take out the catrdige when the extraction is completed. Cap the lid, discard the pipette tip and 4-tube strip. 
  • Mix the tube 
  • Mark the tube 
  • Centrifuge the PCR plate 
  • Make sure the liquid has been centrifuged to the bottom of the tube. 
  • Insert the PCR tube into the PCR module 

Click [OK} 

  • Jump into the amplification interface. The whole process to be done in 42.5 minutes. 

Click [OK] 

  • Click to search in reverse order 
  • Select the name of the current experiment 
  • Click [Calculate] the data normalize and display amplification curve. 
  • Click [Print] and the device will print the report.
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