Dr. Somashekhar S. P. Surgical Oncologist

Dr. Somashekhar S. P.

Surgical Oncologist

25 Years of Experience

Manipal Hospital Bangalore, Bangalore, India

  • Presently associated as HOD and Consultant – Oncology with Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore.
  • Performed maximum number of Robotic Complex Oncosurgeries in India.
  • First in India to initiate Robotic Scarless Thyroidectomy programme & TORS.
  • Receipient of the prestigious Dr. D.D. Patel Gold Medal in Oncosurgery.
  • Contributed several chapters to various International and National Text book on Oncology.

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  • MBBS - Mysore University
  • MS (General Surgery), NHL Medical College
  • MCh (Surgical Oncology), GCRI
  • Fellowships (FRCS) Fellow Of Royal College Of Surgeons, Edinburgh
  • Robotic Surgery, Fellowship Roswell Cancer Center, Buffalo, USA
  • Minimal Invasive Gynaec Onco Fellowship, IRCAD, Taiwan
  • Advanced Liver Fellowship, Paul-Brousse Hospital, Paris
  • Clinical Fellow Gynaec Oncology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester
  • Clinical Fellow Breast Surgery, University Of Pittsburg Medical Centre, Pittsburg,USA
  • Clinical Fellow Liver Surgery, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Robotic Surgery Fellowship, University Of South Florid, (USF) Tampa, USA
  • Clinical Fellow Oncology, Todd Cancer Centre, Long Beach, USA
  • Robotic Thyroid Surgery Fellowship, Seoul, South Korea

Awards and Recognitions

  • TOI : Times Health Care Achievers Awarded in field of Oncology 2019
  • Millenium Gold Medal Award, 2006 ASI, SSB for work in Sentinel Lymph Node.
  • Prestigious Dr. D .D. Patel Gold Medal in Oncosurgery
  • Gujarat University Gold Medal in MCh (Oncosurgery)


11 procedures across 5 departments

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