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Dr Sajan Koshy Paediatric Cardiologist

Dr Sajan Koshy

Paediatric Cardiologist Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (..

15 Years of Experience

Aster Medcity Hospital

Kochi, India

Aster Medcity Hospital

Kochi, India

  • Dr Sajan Koshy is a renowned Pediatric Cardiologist in India, who has rich experience of more than 15 years in his field.
  • He is skilled in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery - especially Cardiac Surgery in new-born with congenital heart diseases.
  • Dr Sajan Koshy has done his MBBS, MS, & MCH from some of the prestigious universities in India.
  • He is active in creating public awareness on Pediatric Cardiac Surgery in North Kerala, in association with NGOs.
  • Dr Sajan Koshy has been on various media platforms like Khaleej Times , The Hindu, and Times of India.  

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  • MBBS 
  • MS 
  • MCh
  • Paediatric Cardiac Surgery
  • Coronary Angiography with contrast Coronary Angioplasty with Stent Open Heart Surgeries
  • CABG Single Valve
  • AV Replacement
  • MV Replacement
  • OMV Double Valve Replacement with Angiogram BT
  • Shunt BD Glenn ShuntICR (TOF) CABG+ASD/VSD
  • Closure AVR/MVRCABG + AVR/MVR Bentall Procedure
  • Published articles in prominent Indian & International medical journals
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