Dr Ramji Gupta



42 Years of Experience

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi - India


  • Dr Gupta is one of the most experienced & coveted dermatologists in India.
  • He has a rich & vast experience of more than 42 years.
  • After he completed his MD (dermatology) & MBBS, he pursued super specialization in pulse therapy.
  • He is acknowledged for his research work on various skin diseases, specially treatment of pemphigus and a group of auto-immune diseases, psoriasis and warts.
  • He has written 10 books & owns around 70 publications.
  • He has received various prestigious awards.
  • Recently he was honored with Dr DP Rastogi Memorial Award.
  • He has life membership of organizations such as IADVL, IASSTD, PPTF and IMA.
  • He sits as the President of Pemphigus and Pulse Therapy Foundation.
  • He expertise in Dermatopathology Microdermabrasion, Sexually transmitted infections, Vitiligo Surgery  

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  • MBBS 
  • MD 
  • DVD


  • DSK(IADVL) 2005
  • Apollo Award 2012
  • Dr D.P. Rastogi Memorial Oration 
  • Dr Sardari Lal Award DMA
  • Best Medical Photography award


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