Dr. M. C. Uthappa Radiation Oncologist

Dr. M. C. Uthappa

Radiation Oncologist

12 Years of Experience

Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai, Chennai, India

  • Dr. M. C. Uthappa is one of the best Interventional Radiologists & Oncologist in his acclaimed region
  • He holds an experience of over 2500 major interventional radiology cases
  • Dr. M. C. Uthappa performed over 1800 procedures like Radio Frequency Ablation Surgery, Dialysis Treatment, angioplasty surgery etc
  • He is expertise in Liver Cancer, Percutaneous Ethanol Injection (PEI), Radiofrequency Ablation (RF), Conventional Transarterial Chemoembolization (CTACE), DC Bead Embolisation, Portal Vein Embolisation and Radioembolisation (SIRT)
  • Dr. M. C. Uthappa holds extensive research background with more than 30 publications and scientific articles, numerous abstracts and presentations at various national and international meetings to his credit
  • Dr. M. C. Uthappa is also Member of Karanataka Medical Council & India and General Medical Council, UK

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  • MBBS, Mysore Medical college, Mysore 
  • FRCS, Glasgow, UK 
  • FRCR, London, UK


11 procedures across 5 departments

Coronary Angioplasty abroad  When coronary arteries are blocked or narrowed, a coronary angioplasty might be essential in order to guarantee the blood supply to the heart. This procedure is performed using a balloon to stretch open a narrowed or blocked artery. However, it could involve a stent (a short wire-mesh tube), which is left in place permanently to allow blood to flow more freely. This is considered as the most modern angioplasty procedure. As the the blood flow through the c

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Radiosurgery Cancer Treatment Abroad When treatment of cancer is not possible with surgery due to location of the disease or the health of the patient, then the doctor may recommend Radiosurgery to treat it. It is an external radiation therapy which gives a single large dose of radiation to the tumor. The initial development of radiosurgery was to treat small brain tumors and abnormalities of the brain, now they are used for the other parts of the body too because of its accuracy.   S

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Radiation therapy also known as Radiotherapy is used in treating various types of cancer. Radiation therapy use beams of powerful energy to kill cancer cells. It is used to shrink the tumor prior to surgery or kill the remaining cells afterward which means that radiotherapy can be used at different stages. There are two types of radiation therapy; one which involves a machine that emits radiation beam and the other where radioactive substance is put inside the body for temporarily or permanen

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