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Dr. H. S. Bhatyal Urologist

Dr. H. S. Bhatyal

Urologist Prostate Cancer Treatment..

40 Years of Experience

BLK Super Specialty Hospital

New Delhi, India

BLK Super Specialty Hospital

New Delhi, India

  • Dr. H. S. Bhatyal is a profound Urologist in India.
  • Currently associated with BLK super specialty hospital, New Delhi.
  • Dr Bahtyal is an active member of various prestigious organizations like the Urological Society of India, India Society of Organ Transplantation, and Indian Medical College Association.

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  • MBBS, 1972, University of Madras 
  • MS, 1978  MCh, 1986, AIIMS, New Delhi
  • Urology Transplantation
  • Renal Transplantation
  • Limca Book of Records National Record Edition 2001. 
  • Dr. CKP Menon Award for Best Scientific Paper Presentation at USICON 1989, Ahmedabad. 
  • Vijayawada Award for the best Poster Paper Presentation, USICON 1987, Jodhpur.
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