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Strabismus Treatment abroad

Strabismus, also called heterotropia, is often colloquially referred to as "cross-eyed". Strabismus is an ophthalmological condition where the eyes are not correctly aligned with each other, so they do not look at the same point at the same time. The eyes can be out of alignment at all times or just on occasion, for example when ill or due to stress. Strabismus affects about 4% of children, and should be treated as soon as possible to ensure the best possible clarity of vision and depth perception outcome. The first step in treating strabismus is consulting with a specialist ophthalmologist.

Most pediatric ophthalmologists will have in depth specialist knowledge of this area. The main aim of treating strabismus is to ensure that neither eye becomes lazy due to the condition. A non-surgical strategy may initially be recommended, which can include techniques using glasses and eye patches. If this is not successful, the ophthalmologist will thommend a surgical treatment plan. Strabismus surgery involves strengthening or weakening one or several of the muscles that control the movement of the eye, in order to align it correctly with the other eye. The ophthalmic surgeon will first cut a hole in the outer layer of the eyeball to access the muscle that is to be altered. Strengthening the muscle usually involves removing a small length from one end, and attaching the muscle back in the same place. This makes the muscle shorter, and turns the eye towards the side the muscle is on.

To weaken the muscle, the surgeon will either reposition or partially cut the tissue. This allows the eye to turn away from the side the muscle is on. After strabismus surgery, some patients experience a period of double vision. This is not uncommon, and occurs as the brain is still getting used to the new sensory input from the eyes.

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