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Uterine transplant, a major surgical treatment, aims at transplanting a healthy uterus from the living or deceased donor into the recipient whose uterus is absent or diseased, due to which it is difficult to give birth to a young one. It is a potential treatment option for those women suffers from Absolute Uterine Factor Infertility (AUFI). The process is considered to be risky and complicated for both donor and recipient. Up to 15% of the reproductive population is infertile, and 3 to 5% of all cases of infertility are caused by uterine dysfunction.

This surgical procedure is still very new and is in its experimental stage. First ever uterine transplant was done in 2017. Since then, many transplants have been performed in the countries like the US, India, China, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Turkey and the Czech Republic. Surgeries are currently performed at The Cleveland ClinicThe University of Pennsylvania, and Baylor University Medical Center

Table of Contents

Uterus Transplant Procedure

Step 1- Finding a donor

Any healthy women could be a donor. Since this treatment carries some risks for donor as well, so a donor is commonly a relative or a family member. Donor requirements include age of 30-50 years, no history of diabetes and hypertension, BMI less than 30, cancer-free for last 5 years, etc.

Step 2- Tests and diagnosis of donor and recipient

Physical examination, Psychological tests, X-Ray, Sonography, etc are done on both donor and recipient. Surgeon may ask for NOD certificate from patient. Once gynecologist is satisfied, surgery begins.

Step 3- Surgeries

This surgery is complex and lengthy. It is a matter of about five hours for both donor and recipient to remove ad transplant uterus respectively. Here is a description of the surgery. The surgeon first performs the IVF process for ovulation stimulation in the recipient. Female donor is put for screening process. After complete screening, healthy uterus is removed from donor. Unhealthy uterus is replaced in donor. Surgeon connects all the four essential blood vessels in both of them. Doctor implants frozen embryos to enable the conceiving process without fallopian tubes. And the patient has to take immune suppressants for whole of life. You don’t get immediate success just after the surgery.

Step 4- Pregnancy and birth

Recipients have to wait after surgery. Pregnancy is achieved and recipient has to wait for nine months to have a healthy baby. Normal delivery is not possible as excessive pressure on uterus may fail the procedure.

Cost Of Uterus Transplant In India

The cost of treatment in India is extremely affordable. The financial aspect associated with Uterus transplant is that it costs between USD 18000-20,000 in India. The duration of the entire procedure is close to 12 hours.  Undergoing treatment in India, you can be sure that you are in safe hands, as all the uterus transplants performed in top hospitals of India have been successful. There are few experienced and highly qualified doctors for performing this surgery as this surgery is relatively new. But many clinics have been working on this and will become successful in producing more skilled doctors for providing best-in-class treatment to the patients.

This branch of medicine is highly specialized, making it difficult to determine the cost before reviewing the case. The specialists in our network will assess each case individually and recommend a personalized treatment plan. Please contact our Care Team to get a treatment plan and quote for a treatment. 

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