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Best hospitals for Anesthesia in Romania

Best hospitals for Anesthesia in Romania

Anesthesia is administered to patients to numb a specific area or to make a patient unconscious while performing a procedure.

The main types of anesthesia are local, regional, and general anesthetic. Th...

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What affects the final cost of Anesthesia?

There are many factors that can affect the costs

  • Types of procedure performed
  • Types of slected Anesthesia
  • Experience of the doctor
  • Choice of hospital & Technology
  • Insurance Coverage can affect a person's out of pocket expenses

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  • Life Memorial Hospital is the flagship clinic for the Medlife hospitals group, which operates the largest organisation of private hospitals in Romania.
  • As a multi-disciplinary hospital, treatment is available in all medical specialities and it is equipped with 10 centers of excellence, and 203 patient beds.
  • The hospital treats around 8,000 patients per year. The hospital is increasingly popular with international patients and staff are available to assist with th...View More

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