Dr. Vineet Gupta Medical Oncologist

Dr. Vineet Gupta

Medical Oncologist

20 Years of Experience

Primus Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi, India

  • Dr Vineet Gupta is currently associated as Head of Oncology services with Primus Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi. 
  • He is practicing clinical Oncology for more than 12 years.
  • He has done MBBS
  • Expertise lies in Cervical Cancer, Onco Surgery, Gall Cancers & Breast Cancers, Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy,.
  • Dr Vineet is first Asian to be conferred the Prestigious Lubrano. Notable Scholar award by Dana Farber Cancer Institute / Harvard University (USA).
  • He holds several Scientific Appointments such as International Advisory Broad of the Breast Journal, Member Scientific Council-International School of Senology & Working member of ASCO, ESMO.  

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  • MBBS

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Oncology Consultation treatments abroad Oncology is the strand of medicine which deals with and treats cancers, tumours, and other associated health conditions. Oncologists are medical professionals who specialize in diagnosing and treating cancers, and generally tend to specialize in specific fields such as radiation oncology or surgical oncology. After a patient is diagnosed with cancer, the first step in the treatment process is to consult with an oncologist, who can discuss the extent of

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