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Dr. Sanyam Gadkari General Surgeon

Dr. Sanyam Gadkari

General Surgeon Laparoscopy..

25 Years of Experience

Sikarin Hospital

Bangkok, Thailand

Sikarin Hospital

Bangkok, Thailand

  • Dr. Sanyam M. Gadkari is a senior General Surgeon from Mumbai with over 25 years experience.
  • He has been trained as a true general surgeon with exposure in urology, plastic surgery, thoracic surgery, vascular surgery and management of burns.
  • He is also a life member of Association of Surgeons of India and Medical Consultants Association, Mumbai. He is a vice patron of Indian Red Cross Society, Thane.
  • He was a Trauma Surgeon at L.T.M.G.Hospital Sion, where he performed extensive trauma surgeries including emergency neuro surgical operations.

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  • MBBS from University of Mumbai
  • MS from University of Mumbai
  • Fellow, International College of Surgeons, Director, Rotary Club of Thane Midtown

General Surgeon

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