Dr. Preshith Gaddam Orthopedecian & Joint Replacement Surgeon

Dr. Preshith Gaddam

Orthopedecian & Joint Replacement Surgeon

11 Years of Experience

Sikarin Hospital, Bangkok - Thailand

  • Dr. Preshith Gaddam is a practicing Orthopedic in his commended region with expertise in his field
  • He is specializes in Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine, Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement
  • Dr. Preshith Gaddam has his expertise in Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty
  • Dr. Preshith Gaddam performs various procedures in Arthroscopy such as - Knee Cartilage Surgeries, Sports Medicine, Adult Reconstructive Surgery
  • He performs various procedures in Arthroplasty such as - Primary and Revised Total Hip & Knee Replacement Surgeries, Minimally Invasive Surgeries, Complex Trauma, Deformity Corrections, llizarov Surgeries Pediatric
  • Dr. Preshith Gaddam is also Member of various renowned organizations such Orthopaedic Association of South Indian States (OASIS) and Indian Medical Association (IMA)

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  • MBBS, 2001, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Wardha 
  • MS, 2005, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Wardha


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Hip Replacement abroad Hip Replacement abroad, A hip replacement involves replacing the natural hip joint that is not functional anymore and causes pain, with a prosthetic implant. Total hip joint replacement means that the end of the femur (thigh bone), cartilage, and hip socket are replaced to create new joint surfaces. Hip replacements are carried out to improve quality of life, relieving chronic pain caused by hip conditions, and improving hip mobility. Hip replacements are usually used

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During hip surgery, a surgeon removes the damaged sections of your hip joint and replaces them with parts usually constructed of metal, ceramic and very hard plastic. This artificial joint (prosthesis) helps reduce pain and improve function. Also called total hip arthroplasty, hip replacement surgery may be an option for you if your hip pain interferes with daily activities and more-conservative treatments haven't helped or are no longer effective.  

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Knee Fracture Treatment abroad Broken bone is called as fractured bone. The fracture thighbone that occur just above the knee joint are called distal femur fractures. The flaring out of bones like upside-down funnel is called distal femur. It occurs to them who have weaker bones or can occur due to high energy injuries. The knee fracture can lead to: Pain with weight-bearing Swelling and bruising Tenderness to touch at fracture site look "out of place" and the leg may appear shorter

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Knee Ligament Surgery (ACL) abroad The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is located in the knee and provides stability for the entire leg and lower half of the body. It is one of four major ligaments in the knee joint and perhaps the most important, allowing the knee to bend and twist without discomfort or limited motion. With similar properties to an elastic band, the anterior cruciate ligament can only pull, twist or stretch so far before it becomes damaged or tears. In fact, despite being

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Knee Ligament Surgery (PCL) treatments abroad  Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injury happens far less often than does injury to the knee's more vulnerable counterpart, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The posterior cruciate ligament and ACL connect your thighbone (femur) to your shinbone (tibia). If either ligament is torn, it might cause pain, swelling and a feeling of instability.  

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Knee Replacement abroad A total knee replacement may be necessary for patients who have severe damage to the knee joint and for whom less invasive treatments such as physical therapy are not helping. Total knee replacement involves removing the end of the femur bone and replacing it with a metal shell, replacing he top of the tibia with a plastic piece, and the knee cap may be replaced with a metal surface. The pieces are held in place by screws inserted into the bone. The plastic piece an

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Knee Surgery Abroad Knee surgery encompasses a range of procedures which involves surgical treatment on the knee area to correct issues such as ligament tears, osteoarthritis, and other traumas to the bone, muscle, or cartilage. There are many different variations of knee surgery, depending on the type and severity of the injury or condition. The most common forms of knee surgery are full knee replacement, ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) surgery, and knee arthroscopy. Knee injuries are commo

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Stem Cell Treatment for Hip Necrosis abroad Avascular necrosis is a disease that results from the momentary or enduring lack of blood supply to the bone. Stem Cell Procedures aid the process of overcoming this problem through the extraction of stem cells from an abundant area and then concentrating these cells by reinjecting them into the affected area to allow the body to naturally heal.  Where can I find stem treatment for hip necrosis abroad? Find stem treatment for hip necrosis

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